Health and Tips


In ancient age many spiritual people adopted yoga as a worship. In modern ear it has become the source of relaxation and exercise for body and mind. Many people only do yoga for their fitness. When you are upset and tired you go to before your television and started to watch your favorite programmed but it will give you little bit relaxation. You should adopt yoga at home for relax your body and mind and release your stress. If you will give you only 10 minutes of your whole day routine, it can release your stress.
When stress is overwhelmed then you go to doctor for relaxation medicine that can cause of many diseases. Stress is necessary for life but high quantity of stress can paralyze you. For yoga, you can adopt these positions:
1. Lotus Position:
Lotus position is known as cross legged position too. The position of body directly influence on your mind. When you are in the lotus position, your mind is found relaxation and peace.
2. Corpse Position:
This can remove your depression and headaches. Sit on the floor with bend knees and feet. Breathe deeply and close your eyes. At the end lay down your head on floor and rest for 5 minutes.
3. Standing Forward Bend Position:
This is best for those who are flexible and don’t mind standing. Stand straight with your feet parallel to hips. Bend your body from the hips and it will relax your mind.
Yoga Nidra:
Many people sleep without resolving their tensions and depression. These tensions all the time stay in their mind. Nidra means sleep and yoga nidra means sleep but after keep away from your tensions. It is bless of Allah that you don’t have any tension. Relaxation means happy life. Some steps are here by which you can relax your body before sleeping:
Lay Down on Floor:
Firstly, you should lay down on floor straight. Your back should be touched floor. Body should be straight from head to toe. You should feel comfortable. In nidra yoga, there is no any body movement. Now close your eyes.
Breathe Deeply:
Now you should breathe deeply 5 times. Don’t open your eyes.
Relax Your Body and Mind:
You should relax your body as well as mind. You should feel there is no tension, no work and only you are important.
Think Positive and Resolve:
You should think positive things and solutions of your worries. There is no one problems come without any solution.
Faith on Allah:
Only have faith on Allah. He will solve your problem so think about Allah’s blessings.
Imagine Greenery:
Close your eyes and think that you are in the greenery place. Everywhere are beautiful flowers and their fragrances. No tension only nature’s beauty is everywhere. Life is beautiful.
Now finish your nidra yoga. After it you will feel so much relax. You will sleep relaxed. For this yoga you need only 10 minutes. But many of us, don’t consider it, they think how we can remove our tension by this yoga. Just do it one time. It shows you many positive effects.