Fashion Beauty Tips


Moisturizing, night creams, lotions, toners, massagers, face packs, and more creams and face treatment medicine you use every single day. You use these beauty products for glowing and beautiful face. It can be effective for some period but after some weeks or months, your skin also dull. We see many celebrities whole day, in some days how they improve their skin color and glow. It is easy. It is yoga. Yoga can work out like a beauty cream, runner and medicine. Yoga is best for releasing stress when your stress goes, you will be fresh and your skin glow up.
Yoga rejuvenates your skin and makes it gorgeous. Yoga removes many troubles. Its work is to enhance the physical and mental health. The yoga approach to health and beauty is perfect blend of posture training with rhythmic breathing which help in purifying various nerves. You will confident and beautiful by this. If we see in ancient age many unsophisticated person, jogi, and in sufia akrams adopt yoga as worship. Yoga wakes up you from dream world.
Mountain Pose:
This easy standing pose allows you to focus on deep breathing that is vital for healthy skin. Drawing oxygen into and outer are released harmful toxins and keeps vital system running optimally.
Standing Forward Bend:
This pose is complicated and difficult for those who are fatty. Don’t take tension, close your eyes and let you head hang where ever it can. In this pose your blood will run faster towards the face and head which will cause of skin freshness and remove stress.
Chair Pose:
It is challenging pose that increase the heart beat, it is helpful to increase the circulatory in the whole body. This pose makes skin glowing and body fit.
Legs Up the Wall Pose:
When you up your legs by the help of wall it runs your blood towards face and head. That can cause of decreasing stress and reddish your face.
As a Muslim think about the poses of yoga, these all poses are in our prayer. Finger pose, bend forward pose, lay down pose and many more are in our pray. It is all about the circulation of blood in body that causes of freshness of skin and fitness of body. When you go to sleep on bed after whole day work, give you 5 minutes and lay down straight, close your eyes think about green grass and light that are throwing on your brain and face. Remove all negative thoughts and don’t think about work and any other stress able thinking. This type of yoga is easy and little time consuming which can make your skin healthy and beautiful and release your all stress. It has seen that beautiful places imaginary release all tensions.