Fashion Styles




In the fashion industry, fashion designers mostly prepare those dresses which are fitted to your body. Women choose dresses for causal use or for special occasions. If you look at the history, several of external influences and internal satisfaction have motivated women across the globe regarding their choices in clothing. While clear aspects, such as safety and warmth are some of the factors that a woman wears the clothes she chooses it, clothing also represents as a strong way to describe personality and identity.

Modesty is different for each and every place in time, over the years it has played an important role in women’s fashion. Modesty is vital for women clothing. It varies to culture and sub culture of all over the regions. Some cultures still sustain the aspect of modesty in women’s fashion.

Even then, in Muslim cultures, women cover most of their body in public places. They do fashion in the limits. Dopata is vital part of their clothing. This has build up a broad-ranging market of lengthy and concealing garments in cotton, wool, polyester, silk, rayon, and denim. Common clothing Hijab is under scarves.

It is observed, most women like to wear sickly black dress for night parties and choose pents that are matched to their eye color, it can create an attractive personality. It is saying, “First look is the last”. The perception of beauty has changed, now people impress those dresses that are according to up dated fashion. Now they wear those clothing that can make them attractive and appealing.
Women choose dresses according the occasions and their skin color. If a black lady wear black dress, what she will look. For looking attractive, you must wear that dress which is full of sober looking. Women should choose clothing according their age and status. In Pakistan, lawyers, doctors, and many other professions are identified by their clothes choice.
In weeding ceremonies, women’s clothing is totally changed as compare to causal. They like to wear that clothes which are made by designers. That ceremonies and occasions have their importance in women life. They like to wear sarihi, gown with chori punjama, forack, shalwar kameez, short shirt with plazo. Mostly use bright colors.
It would be an understatement to say that fashion influences just clothing; in fact, to be very specific fashion influences almost every aspect. There is a popular saying that clothes make the man, but is this saying applicable or relevant in the present world. Has the information conveyed by fashion and clothing changed because of the essential changes in the society. The models in the fashion industry are often portrayed as perfect and individuals. This often impairs the self-esteem of the individuals who have less than ideal looks and body. Such individuals are overwhelmed and fashion impacts their life in a destructive way.
Fashion, mostly, impacts on the teenagers. They adopt it in the negative sense. When any one crosses the limits, it would be danger for whom. Pakistani culture is totally changed to other countries. Pakistani women cannot adopt the clothing of European countries.

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