We are always thinking about fashion. We adopt that fashion which is easy for us. Pakistani famous designer HSY says, “According me fashion is that which is important for me. It’s not mean it will be important for others too. You should not worry about fashion and should not become mad for fashion. You should not adopt awkward fashion and chose that dress which is according to your personality.” Fashion and looking fashionable is not a strange and difficult but we have made it complicated.
Now a day, many brands have come in to market. Everyone wants to fall other. They chose different and unique color schemes but white color is the master of all other colors. No one can say that you are looking bad in white color dress. This color has itself elegancy and beauty. Which one wear white color dress he looks sober. White color changes your personality totally. The mixture of white color with red and yellow is liked all the time.
Many designers present white cotton, silk, linen, lawn, khaddar fabric dress with chonri and red color dupata. Its looks very eye catching. Everyone likes the mixture of white color with bright color. White color is the sign of purity and peace. White color dresses are liked mostly in summer season. In summer season light color especially white color give you the feelings of coldness. White dresses designs can be taken in the shape of white shalwar kameez, white sharara, white frock and many more.
White color dresses can wear in all causal, engagement function and wedding ceremony. Every girl wants to look elegant in white color dress. White color is common among teenagers. Don’t use the same color material on white color dress. Bright colors give it charming look. Every color compliments with white color.
White color with Red:

Red and white color combination creates elegancy and soberness in dress. Red color is too much bright color in all colors. Red color is also the sign of love. If purity mixes in love then who will not like it?
White color with Black:

Who are fatty they like to wear black color. White and black color has a deep relationship. If white color is the sign of purity and peace then black color is the sign of hate, jealousy and envoy. But white color combination with black removes all badness of black color.
White color to Purple:

Combination of white color and purple color is looking so fabulous. Anarkali frock of these combination are most famous among girls by different designers. It looks very trendy and stylish. White anarkali frock with bright colors boarders enhance the beauty of wearer. Black and white counter is a famous Pakistani brand. He selected this name after inspiring these colors combination.