Health and Tips


Water is necessary for our health. Man can live without food but he cannot live without water. People drink water many times in a day for dieting. Researchers say that water is not helpful for smart body. Some people drink seven to eight glass of water during dieting; it is not effective they are wasting their time. They should eat that food which is full of water such as vegetables, fruits, rice, soap and many more. It is true that those people are smart and fresh who eat that food which is full of water as compare to those people who drink a lot of water.
Water full food have effect on body but that water which is in the shape of soft drink goes in to body have no much effect on body. Water full foods have fiber in itself. After eating fiber food, you don’t eat more food. You should eat such foods which have full elements of water in it then you eat little quantity of water. It is said that after drinking water you eat little quantity of food. When water goes in our body in the form of food then we feel soothe and console. In this way we eat little quantity of food and it becomes the source of smartness.
During eating food which water you drink, it does not have any source of fatness. Water is necessary for healthiness not for smartness. It is also said that eight to nine glass of water don’t become the source of glowing skin and freshness. But which people have disease of bones and many more, they need water. Those people who live in hot cities they need water to fulfill the quantity of water in body. But it is also said that hot water is the source of smartness. Cold water does not release extra fats in fact it becomes the source of fatness.
Many people who live in hot cities drink cold drinks for finishing the craving, which is bad for health. They should drink hot water and eat that food which is full of sour and water. In summer season you can eat rice, pear, watermelon, muskmelon, peach, grapes, and green leaves vegetables. In winter season you can eat rice, citron, lime, orange, carrots, and many more.
Drinking Water after Meal in Islam:
Water is a great gift which has given us by Allah. All human beings even animals cannot live without water. A famous HADDIS is, “Water, before meal is Gold, during meal is Silver and after meal is Iron.” Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) was not drinking water immediately after meal. Now scientific research has also approved that after meal drinking water is equal to cancer. it stops the process of digestive system. Drinking water is necessary for health but drink on wrong time can causes many diseases. Drink water with right hand and with Allahamdullah cannot cause of any disease. Islam is a complete religion who guides us all affairs of our life. In fact it has taught us how and when drinking water?