Health and Tips


With the passage of time, we are leaving many good habits, traditions, and values. In this machinery age everyone is busy in his work. In these good habits one habit was early morning wake up. If you want to adopt this habit then it is not difficult. If you will wake up early morning, you can walk in morning. Early morning wake up is a natural process. That’s why who wake up early morning; they live happy and fresh all the day. They have positive thinking. Late wake up will make you lazy, negative thinker and unhappy.
Who sleep late they gain 248 calories in a day. They eat fast food two times in a day. They don’t concentrate on fruits and vegetables. In research founded that that sleeps late their calostrole level increases. Early morning wake up will decrease your depression and all type of tension. They have more confidence and faith on their work as compare to late sleepers. So make it your habit to wake up early morning and do exercise. Morning walk and exercise make you fresh and active. It is natural that morning air makes your brain active and decreases all your pains.
Morning walk and exercise improves sleep and it is best for fats reducing. 30 minutes walk is necessary from the whole day. god sleep helps to control the hormonal balance and that helps control appetite. Early exercise is too good it has many reasons.
1. A Consistence in Work:
Early walk and exercise make you consistent for work. You can manage your work easily at home and office. You have much time to manage it.
2. Say Good Bye to Pain:
It is natural that early exercise makes you physically fit. You will notice that your all pains have gone by early walk and exercise. You don’t need a doctor.
3. Brain Boosting Power:
Exercise has to be proven that it increases mental focus and level. Make it powerful and fresh. In the whole day working your brain and body will be remained in a shape.
4. Weight Lose:
In our daily work, we have no spare time for ourselves. In this era, man has become a machine who workout whole the day. Early walk and exercise is best for weight losing.
5. More Energy:
Exercise releases your stress and improves your mood. In enhances your energy for the whole day work. It makes you fit and healthy.
Many go to gym for exercise but after leaving gym they get weight in some days. It is not good for health. Many office going ignore morning walk and say we do work whole the day in office it is our exercise. It is no true. Working walk and morning walk has big difference. Working work tires you but morning walk make you fresh and active for the whole day.