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There was the time when PTV was the only source of entertainment. The timing of 8pm was so excited for everyone, streets were looked like desert, and everyone was at their homes, shops, road sides to watch drama. Time has passed PTV dramas converted to private channels dramas. But standard time 8pm is still. 8pm to 9pm is the drama time in all channels. But now people are not excited on playing dram as in the old era. Now these entertainments have changed in playing online games.
In ancient age many super hit dramas gone; Sona Chandi, Indhera Ujala, Reza Reza, Parosi, Tanhiyaan and many more. If we are saying that new era’s dramas are not hit then it is not true. Pakistan television industry is the most super hit industry in all over the World. Pakistani actors are famous in all over World and like their performance in dramas. Many dramas are on the top of credit by everyone not only in Pakistan but also in India.
The typical story saas bahoo, home base revenges, love stories have become bore for people. They want to change in stories. Pakistan drama industry is giving them that type of work which they want to see. Many dramas are yet super hit. These are:

Zindgi Gulzar Hai:


Zindgi Gulza Hai caught a harmony with its passion and youthful romance; chaaractered by Zaroon and Kashaf. Zaroon played by Fawad Khan and Kashaf by Sanam Saeed. It was the normal story but all casts in this drama worked hard nad their unrememberalbe acting make this drama super hit not only in Pakistan but also in all over the World. Now Fawad Khan is acting in Indian movies.



This drama again starred Fawad Khan with Mahira Khan in a leading role. Humsafar drama has a different concept which is liked in Pakistan and India very much. No one can deny its story was awesome which marked it sign in people’s heart.



Most famous actors and models acted together and how is it possible that drama is not super hit. Maat is a sibling rivalry where a girl is competing to her sister. It was not typical story that’s why people liked it. Saba Qamar, Adana Saqeeqi nad Amina Sheikh’s acting make this drama super hit.

Aunn Zara:


It was a super hit drama by Maya Ali. This drama liked in Pakistan as well as in India. Maya’s acting and innocent face make it super hit.
Many Pakistani dramas have no theme, they are looked like as writer want to long story but he is not focusing on theme. These dramas are; Yhe Zindgi Hai, Qadosi Sahab Ki Bewa, Behanye, Agar Tum Na Hotye, Malika-e-Aliya and many more. Many dramas have short story but they are not hit by people because of acting; Sher-e-Zaat, Ashk, Roshan Sitara, Saz Pari Lal Kabootar, Ask and many more.

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