Jewelry plays a vital role in the life of women. They consider it necessary for beauty. Their shopping is incomplete without jewelry. All age group women like to wear versatile varieties of jewelry for causal and formal wear. In causal use, women wear very light jewelry of gold but for wedding ceremony they prefer best and beautiful set of gold to wear. Mostly women like to wear artificial jewelry. But it is true in our society; people see your gold set and make your status in their eyes. You cannot wear heavy gold set all the time. So many women wear it only in marriages.
Now it has become trend that people buy heavy gold sets for bridal to wear in barat and walima. It is not easy for poor parents to buy gold set for their daughter marriage but it is delimma that without gold they cannot wed their daughter. With the essentiality of gold sets now many unique and stylish designs have introduced. Now people like to add pearls, beads, metals and stones in gold sets for giving it trendy look. Women are jewelry lovers, they like elegant and unique designs of jewelry. Now in Pakistan many jewelry sets have the same designs as Indian jewelry have.

Designers try to give it traditional look for bridals. Mostly in wedding gold set’s beads or metal are matched to bridal clothes. It gives eye catching and stunning look to bridal and its wearing material. Gold sets are especially designed for bride but many are not like to wear heavy gold sets so they give little bit artificial touch. Wedding jewelry has a large variety such as earrings, rings, bracelet, bangles, necklace, Matha Patti, jhomer and many more. In ancient era they wear totally traditional sets but fashion is consistently changing.

Every girl wants to look sophisticated and beautiful as compare to others. They wear elegant and sober jewelry only for looking stunning. Bangles, bracelets and ring are such part of accessories which enhance the beauty of your hands and fingers. On wedding day, everyone look to bridal as a role model. So she should look elegant and beautiful. Now many are not liked to wear gold bangles and rings. They give little bit artificial touch to bangles and rings. Bride in wedding day wear 3 to 4 rings so they can wear 1 or 2 gold rings and others are artificial.

Many brides wear matha Patti, so they should select light weight to normal earrings. Heavy earrings with matha Patti give over look. Matha Patti trend is very unique and stylish. Many brides wear it. They look very elegant and innocent in it. Designers design such jewelry set which is according to each other. Many wear only matha tika so they should wear little bit heavy set but unique.