Television Industry


Many top models and actors got fame by photographers. You have seen many models and actors came in magazines and web but after little bit time they got fame and top of the list. Who takes their pictures and poses? They are photographers who struggle for their fame in fashion industry. There are many such photographers who are the top photographers in Pakistan and International level. Their style of photography makes them unique.

1. Abid Saleem:

Abid Saleem is the one that photographer who not only deal with face in fact he deals with trends and styles. He captures unique styles with matching of clothes, background and face. He takes picture in such way that a normal men or women look the most beautiful and ideal for everyone. His style is totally different to others. He worked with very famous and top models, designers and actor. He is on the priority of top models; they considered him as a photographer. His capturing way makes him unique and demanding photographer for others.
2. Ahmed Jalbani:

Ahmed Jalbani is the commercial photographer who gave new style of photography. From many years he is working in an advertising company as a graphic designer and web designer. He has conducted many seminars for new comers only to share his work. He has conducted many workshops in Karachi University, schools and colleges and got fame very much. People like his work which is full of artistic qualities and unique. His style is traditional and eye catching.
3. Amean J:

Amean J is a talented and skilled photographer of Pakistan. He is the art and nature loving photographer. Firstly he introduced himself in advertising industry then got fame in fashion industry. He learnt from worldwide photographers and yet learning. He is not satisfied to his work. He says that he needs more adorable work. He started his career in 1997. He is producer as well as director of fashion industry. Now he has established his studio in Karachi “18% grey”.
4. Ather Shehzad:

Ather Shehzad is the stylish and photographer whose work is liked at International level. They are running their own saloon and studio as well. Ather Shehzad is not a single person in fact they are two entities Ather and Shezad. They have announced as the best designer of fashion industry who used stunning and sober techniques in their makeup styles and capturing style by camera. They have won LUX style award consistently two years as the best makeup artist. They adopt traditional touch with western concept. They have the specialty of bridal makeup.
5. Faisal Farooqi:

Faisal Farooqi is that photographer who doesn’t move from his studio because he thinks if one scene is missed that will not come back. He is crazy about new and stylish techniques. He started his career by capturing the adorable picture of models on ramp. He says that right time, right pose and right image can come in single click. He wants to give his viewers true and quality work. He captures such poses that are not in anyone’s thoughts. Clothing and makeup is not necessary for best photo but capturing way is essential.