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Many people say that music is the food of soul. Music is such thing that is listening in all over World in different shapes. Pakistani pop music is top of the World. Many our spiritual people write poetry which is now singing in songs. Waris Shah, Bholye Shah, Baba Fareed Gnaj Shakhar and many more kalam is now singing in different tones. Pakistan is full of those singers who had died but their world famous songs are not forgotten any more. Singing is a Allah gifted gift which is not given to everyone. Pakistani singers ruled over the hearts of National fans as well as International fans. Here are mentioned Pakistani top 10 singers whose songs are not forgotten and they had sung in all over the World:

1. Mehndi Hassan:


Mehndi Hassan was not only famous in Pakistan in fact he was famous in all over the World. He sang 50,000 Ghazals. He has extraordinary voice which is cause of his popularity. He ruled in the music industry when he was alive. Indians were high level fans of Mehndi Hassan they wanted to sing their films songs from him but he refused all the time. In fact Indian doctors wanted to check his throat and wanted to see that what is fitted in his throat by Allah.

2. Alamgir:


Alamgir was famous as “Elvis of the East”. His alternative cannot be found in all over the World. He started pop music in Pakistan. He is pioneer of pop music. He performed very attractive way that many other singers adopt his style. His voice is so charming. His most famous song was “maine tumhari ghagar sye”. He got popularity from this song which is ever lasting.

3. Akhlaq Ahmad:


He was the play back singer but his voice had a pain which is famous in all over the World. He was the asset of Pakistan. He got famous from his song “sawan aye sawan jye”. He was the 70s and 80s popular singer.

4. Nusrat Fathe Ali Khan:


An incredible singer, who started his career as a singer with qawali after some time he sang many popular sons. “meri ankho ko ankho ka sahara kon dye ga” was his most famous song. He sang the songs for other countries too. He was the most famous singer in India. He was a great asset of Pakistan who represented Pakistan in all over the World.

5. Rahat Fathe Ali Khan:


He is a talented singer of Pakistan. He is nephew of Nusrat Fathe Ali Khan. He is the most famous singer of Pakistan, who has sung songs in many films of India. No one can say that his that song is not good. He has a best collection of songs. At that time, he is singing in almost Indian movies. He got popularity in days not in years.

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