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Mehwish Hayat is a beautiful and famous model of Pakistan. It is true about her that she came and spread on the screen. She has done modeling for many famous brands after ramp modeling. She is a good actress and host. Presently, she acted in a film as an item girl. Her song “Mera Naam Hai Bili” is very popular among people. Many people like her item song in film “Namaloom Ifrad”.

Mehwish Hayat bore in Lahore in 6 January, 1983. Her star is Capricorn. She says that she has all qualities of her star. She says that she was very impressed by showbiz from her childhood. Her mother was also an actress. She got popularity in very short period, many models cannot see that popularity in very short period, at that point of view, and she says she is lucky. Olad, Preem Lata, Akhri Sans, Dam Muhabbat, Resham se Shaam, Tohfa, Gulab Sari, Khana Badosh, InsAllah, T hori se Khuyshya, Masi aur Malka and many more dramas she has done.

In 2008, Mehwish Hayat got the award of “Ninth Charming Woman of Asia” from the “Eastern Eye”. In that fashion show Bipasha Baso, Katrina Kauff, Peranka Choppra and Karina Kapoor was there. Eastern Eye written: “Mehwiah Hayat is the princess of Pakistan, and if we select the most charming and adorable lady from Pakistan then she will be Mehwish Hayat”. It was the dream of every model that she selected but credit goes to Mehwish Hayat.

Mehwish Hayat has acted very challenging dramas. In Pakistan, she had participated in a walk that was against the terrorism. Mehwish Hayat says about film “Namaloon Ifrad” that it was a challenging film, and her item song faced many criticisms but she is happy that many people liked her item song. Mehwish Hayat says about Pakistani fashion industry that fashion industry in Pakistan is progressing very much. Many professionals are becoming its part. Now the thinking of people is changing and they are giving respect fashion industry. Fashion industry are needed hard work and struggle that do this, he succeeded. Now people are coming from well known families in this industry.

Modeling is a good source of popularity and gaining money. Mehwish Hayat says, she enjoys acting as compare to modeling. She says that she damn care about people, what they are saying about her. She does not have any scandal in her career life. She is too much sensitive that she starts weeping when she sees anyone weeping. She does not like fruits but juices are her favorite. She is too much reality base person. She is not proud. She likes to do friendship. She likes herself smile. She says that she likes weeping roles and she does not use glasreen for tear. In her leisure time, she reads books. She loves books and music. Song is depended on her mood. She likes to eat biryanni.

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