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Now the Pakistan’s fashion industry is at the top of the whole world. Other countries cast Pakistani actors in their dramas and films. Pakistan has multi actresses who are hard worker, motivated, innovative and have charismatic personality. It is not wrong to say that all actresses of Pakistan are at the top. But here is some actresses’ biography:

1. Mahira Khan:


Mahira Khan is a Pakistani actresses and model. She is a rising star of Pakistan. Her every serial is on the top. She is stylish and perfect for dramas. In past, she had done work as a VJ. She has done many ads, dramas, and one film, and reality shows. She is charismatic for her fans.

2. Aiza Khan:


Aiza Khan started her career as a model but after some time she came in dramas. She is good looking and elegant. She has beautiful face. She has done many top hit serials. But after marriage, she has left TV industry.

3. Sajal Ali:


The innocent face Pakistani TV industry actress Sajal Ali is a model and actress. People cannot deny to her success. She is a hard worker actress. She has speaking eyes which is liked very much among her fans. She has done many super hit serials.

4. Saba Qamar:


The dramatic beauty of Pakistan TV industry Saba Qamar is an actress as well as a model. She is a successful actress. She has done many top serial and reality shows on different TV channels. She belongs to a rich family of Gujranwala.

5. Sanam Saeed:


She has charismatic personality and amazing beauty. She is not famous in Pakistan even Indian people also like her and her dramas. Her dressing sense is too good. She is a mature actress. She has not any scandal.

6. Marwa Hocane:

Mawra Hocane (13)

Marwa Hocane started her career as a VJ. She started her acting in 2009. Within 5 years, she became super hit actress. She has innocent face. She belongs to a noble family so she does not have any scandal. She is a reserve actress.

7. Maya Ali:


Maya Ali is a VJ, actress and host. She is hard worker and innocent. She has done many hit serials. She has elegant and sober personality. She started her career in TV industry from the drama serial Sunderla.

8. Sanam Jung:


Sanam Jung is a good actress as well as a host. She has a beautiful face and personality. She is talented. She acted in many hit serials. Now a day, she is doing a morning show.

9. Sumbal Iqbal:


Sumbal Iqbal is a young actress with an incredible talent. Her determination and hard working make her hit actress of Pakistan. She has acted many hit serials.

10. Mahnoor Bloch:


Mahnoor is a one of the greatest actress of Pakistan. She is beautiful and has impressive personality. She has acted in many and many drams whish are in hit list. She is elegant and sober. She is famous because of her beauty.

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