Fashion Beauty Tips


Women even men are wished to look charming and fresh in New Year. For glowing skin, white hands and clean foot, you need to care these entire whole the year not only one day or one month. It is not important that your face is beautiful but important is that your face should be glowing up and fresh. Make a schedule and adopt it. Here are some tips which can make you charming and fresh:
1. Clean up your Brushes:
Before selecting the makeup brand on New Year, you should clean up your brushes. They have much dust in them because of it your skin can damage and dark. So avoid using dusty brushes.
2. Almond Oil:
Many of us think that branded creams are best for moisturizing. But no, natural products have much good effects on our skin. Wash your skin on daily bases twice a day. Then apply almond oil on face, foot and hands. It will glow your skin.
3. New look:
On New Year, now you should adopt new style of makeup. Change your makeup shades and lipstick color. Give you glamour look.
4. Some Time for Hair:
Hairs are beautiful part of our personality. You have applied makeup beautifully but your hair style and color is not matching your personality. Your hairs are rough. Then you will not look beautiful. Give some time to your hair from the whole week. Use oil and egg on hair. Comb it regularly twice in a day. Use branded and good quality shampoo.
5. Sleep properly:
You should sleep properly and on time and wake up early in morning. It will remove your tiredness and keep you fresh. Your eyes black spots will remove and you will be glowing.
6. Exercise:
Morning exercise keeps your skin and body fresh and fit. On New Year make it your habit that exercise is good for health and skin.
7. Hot Water with Honey:
It is thinking that if you will increase the quantity of water then you will find healthy body and skin. But research has shown it is not true. Hot water should be drink with the mixture of honey. Early in morning should drink hot water and honey. It will keep your face fresh and glowing.
8. Healthy food:
Remember that vegetables and fruits are necessary for healthy body and glowing face. Eat fruit and vegetable salad on regular bases. It is healthy that will keep you healthy and fresh.
9. Manicure & Pedicure:
Hands and foot are prominent on body. You should clean them regularly. But if you don’t have time then don’t worry, wash them with shampoo, lemon juice, jelly and hot water twice in a week.
10. Milk:
Drink milk regularly. It strongest the bones and give glowing look to the face.
These 10 tips can make your New Year beautiful and fresh. You will see change in yourself.