Health and Tips


China is the city of tea. In ancient age, a Chinese king Shenvnag was ordered his servants to add “Camelia Sinesis” leaves in hot water to change the taste of water. Everyone in Empire liked it very much. Tea was limited in the state of king but with the passage of time, it was introduced in soldiers for freshness. In sixteen’s century, it is presented in Holland and British. It was use in Europe and India as a medicine. Camelia Sinesis can find in all seasons in all over the World. New leaves of tea can be found after three years of cultivation. With the passage of time there have been made many kinds after patching in real plant of tea. It has same taste.
Tea plant has leave’s size and color according to its type. These types are called China, Assam, and Cambodia. Usually tea plant has special size because of it; it is easy to collect its leaves. In some places if it is not reap every year then it has the ability to become fifty feet long. There are many types of tea which are used in all over the World:
White Tea:
White tea prepares with the leaves of plant. It dries in sunlight. But its leaves have white color. White tea loses the cloistral level in blood, control blood pressure, and save the heart attack and heart diseases. It has the ability of finish the germs.
Green Tea:
In Pakistan, green tea is considered as coffee, Kashmir tea or pink tea. Milk is not mixed in it. Green tea is best for health. It is best for heart. It is helpful for bones, active body, release weariness, and digestive food. Its daily use can save you from cancer, and chest. Its use control fatness of body.
Black Tea:
It is fast in taste. It is famous in entrepreneurs. It has long lasting taste. It is mostly farm in China, India, Sri Lanka and Taiwan. In Pakistan and India it is made by mixing milk and sugar. By its use people have active themselves.
A chemical element of tea “Poli Fastol” increases the ability of anti acid. It becomes the source of freshness of mind and body. Researchers say that who take tea most of the time, they have active and brilliant mind because it contains antioxidant. If tea has benefits then it has also disadvantages. High quantity of anything in body can increase side effects. Extra antioxidants can increase bad effects. Take tea with meal may be not access to iron.
Tea contains caffeine that can cause of nervousness, irregular heartbeat and insomnia. Simple tea contains too much calories and researchers say that women need 100 calories and men need 150 calories that can cause of fatness. Tea causes the yellow teeth. It finishes the beauty and whiteness of teeth. If you consume too much tea it can cause of liver and kidney disease.