Fashion Beauty Tips


In many colleges and universities, girls have theme of makeup, dress and shoes in parties. Many have vampire makeup theme so, they apply smoky makeup on eyes. It looks very sophisticated in night parties without any theme. It gives you modish and ruddy look. Many girls think that Smokey makeup is very difficult but it is not true, little bit practice need and you can apply perfect makeup in Smokey shape. For Smokey eye makeup, you need to apply eye shades 4 to 5 times. It is up dated in every year. Some steps are here:
• Choose your eye shade color according to your dress. Mostly use black color with all dress colors.
• Apply your face makeup firstly then make your eyes. Choose little bit light makeup on face as compare to eyes makeup.
• Now highlight your eye liner and make a base line where you want to apply makeup. But take care when apply base line, it should be light.
• Now put your medium shade on eyes. It should be golden, silver or peach color. After that now you add little bit dark color of eye shade. It should not too much dark.
• Now blend your eye shades. It will give you natural look.
• It is time to apply eyeliner in dark color. It should be black or dark brown. It will give you classy and stylish look. Then apply mascara.
For giving yourself a dramatic look, apply dark colors such as black, grey and brown color.
• Make the base color with light color pencil.
• Now apply light eye shade on eyes under the base color.
• Apply dark color with lash line to give classy and dramatic look.
• Now blend these colors softly and nicely. Don’t blend roughly.
• Now apply eyeliner and mascara.
Little bit work can give you beautiful and unique look. That type of makeup looks eye catching in night functions. Mostly girls apply Smokey eyes in wedding ceremony, Valentine’s Day, New Year events, engagement time and party functions. Smokey eyes makeup looks fabulous in all color dresses. Especially it looks charming in red and black color dresses.