In Pakistan, November, December, January and February are the winter seasons. When winter is on its peak, you need to wear that shoes which can warm up your feet. For women, it is very difficult to choose shoes. When they go to shopping they want to pick up all verity. In winter season, it is looking stupid if you wear open shoes. Choose their shoes according to season. If you wear your shoes without socks, then it will look very floppy. Now women want to buy that shoes which have heel and trendy.
Women Wear:
Many brands has come in to market. Many brand conscious people go to branded shops such like; stylo, metro, ecs, bata, borjan and service. If women are conscious about their feet wear, men are also conscious about their shoes. Many people choose their shoes according to their dress. Long shoes are famous among women last many years. It can be found in cloth and leather stuff. Many new styles have come for women in winter season: High Wedge Style, Sparking Star Midis, Transparent Pumps, Patternize Midis, Bead Strap Pumps, and so on. Now women like to wear pumps in high heel. It’s looking so attractive. They match their pumps with their hand bags and dresses. Women have a lot of verity of shoes and many colors. Shoes need litter bit maintenance. It should be comfortable. Women puff boots are too much warm. It is best for those people who live in snow falling area.
Men Wear:
Men are also brand conscious. They choose and wear trendy shoes in all seasons. In winter season, it is necessary for all human being that he keeps himself warm up. Men choose that pair of shoes which is matched to their pent or jeans. Men mostly wear black and brown color shoes. These colors can wear with any dress. Leather Chukka Boots are used in casual wear. It is more suited in evening. It has same size and shape that desert boots have. Burgundy Brogue Boots are perfect dress boot for men. It is perfect for businessman. It has mostly brown color. Brown Chelsea Boots are the best collection in beautiful color for men wear. Duck Boots are best for rainy, and snow falling days. Mostly they came in brown rubber bottoms and olive leather uppers. Now it is available in many colors and styles. Hiking Boots are favorite for those people who are fond of hang on outside.
People are conscious about fashion and brand. But very little people purchase that shoes which give them warm, trendy and branded shoes are not necessary for them. Shoes make your personality. Choose that shoes which is according to your personality. Mostly women choose that shoes which have high heel and their height is 5.7 inches what they will look? So be careful about choosing it. Choose shoes according to their height.

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