Mostly women don’t give importance to their shoes as they should. Selection of shoes can effect on your personality appearance. Shoes should be fitted on your feet. If shoe is big from your feet then it will create disturbance when you will walk. Loose shoe gives bad impression. If you have that shoe which is much fitted on your feet then you cannot walk properly in fact it can crack your bones, cause of pain in bones, and you will feel uncomfortable. It can damage the beauty of your feet. Shoe should be comfortable and soft. If your shoe have wet in rain or water then dry it after putting newspaper in them.
Melt candle and put shoe in it that your shoe’s outer side dip in it then remove melted candle and see your shoe will not damage and you can wear them any time for many years. If shoes are disturbing you by first time use then rub dry soap in it and it will not disturb you again. Here are some tips to clean up the shoes:
Suede Shoes:
These shoes are the family of leather. They can wear on any occasion. They look sophisticated and perfect on all time use. Most shoes have cleaning brush which is best to remove dust and grooming the nap. Don’t wear their suede shoes when there is rain outside. Place a towel or cloth to absorb the water on the shoe. Use spray on it and then clean with cloth. If mud stains on shoes then wait to dry it and then rub it with butter knife or tooth brush. Scuff marks can remove with eraser. If wax or gum has fell on it then take shoe in freezer and wait while it is freeze then rub it wax with butter knife or cloth.
Leather Shoes:
Regular cleaning can increase the life of shoes. Immediately clean up them. You can buy a rush with shoes and remove dust from them by brush. For leather shoe removes the scuff applies water and soap mixture and applies it. Make it your habit to polish regular your shoes. Buff your shoes and using soft cloth in circular motions. For shinning, use leather lotion or conditioner for shoes. Leather shoes need more care because little bit carelessness can damage them. They can easily crack.
Nike Shoes:
Remove the soil from shoes, wait for dry it and then rub it with toothbrush or cloth. Mix warm water and soap then apply on shoes it will clean shoes. Put shoes for some time in air. You can get brush or polish from market get them.

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