Fashion Beauty Tips


Shimmer makeup makes your skin more glow and give you charming look. In this makeup, your face glow up. In evening parties, wedding ceremony and engagement day, you can apply shimmer makeup. Valentine’s Day is mostly near, that day girls try to look beautiful and fresh than other’s days. So some tips are here for that day’s makeup:
Look up:
Firstly, you should look up the color which you want to apply. Apply that color which is according to evening and your dress. Choose makeup shades.
Shimmer makeup looks gorgeous on medium level complexion. See your complexion then apply makeup. Dark color complexion will not perfect for shimmer makeup.
Shimmer makeup comes in diverse textures. Liquid, powder and creamy textures are available. You should choose liquid and creamy shimmer for winter season and powder shimmer for summer season.
Skin color:
You should choose that shimmer which is according to your skin color. It will give you natural look.
Use shimmer as a highlights the face structure such as eyebrow corner, chin, nose, chicks and many more.
Type of shimmer:
If you are using liquid or cream shimmer, apply it with fingers. If you are applying powder shimmer then apply it with brush.
After applying shimmer, now apply makeup. Highlight eyes which give you glamour look. Diamond powder comes in 11 colors so you can apply it on eyes, chicks and lips. These glitter or shimmer makeup mush be applied in evening or night party. Many shimmer or shinning lipsticks and lip glows are also available. Shimmer makeup enhances your beauty especially in evening parties. But in causal use, you should avoid to shimmer makeup.
It is true that too much use of makeup damage your skin. Don’t make it your regular need. Only use it on special occasions. Shimmer makeup especially on eyes gives you glamour look. In this makeup, you look very charming and sophisticated. It glows your face. Shimmer makeup is not only for face even you can use it on body. Use shimmer according to your skin and weather. If in summer season, you apply liquid or creamy shimmer, it will not look fresh. You should apply powder shimmer in summer season.