Weather is changing now a day because winter has come with its full coldness. In winter season it is dangerous for health to leave the use of warm clothes. Mostly women in home, wear sweaters but office going women use shawls for warm up themselves. It can cover whole body in winter. Every woman have themselves styles to wear shawl. Some cover their head with it, some put it on their shoulders and some cover their back with it. Everyone has unique styles.
Beautiful shawls enhance your personality. Its color, embroidery and designs are very eye catching for women. Now a day women stitch beautiful dresses and don’t like to wear sweaters, they use shawls. They can bear the weight of shawl but don’t like to wear sweaters. Shawls are available in many prices and have multi colors with self print, plain and embroider styles. Shawl needs care very much. Little bit carelessness can damage its thread.
Many designers are also presenting shawls for winter season. They are offering many single shawls and many are presenting with dresses. In all forms its look very elegant and eye catching.
Deepak Perwani:

Deepak Perwani is a Pakistani designer who is famous by his unique and colorful dresses. In this New Year eve, he is presenting new style dresses with colorful shawls. In this winter, beautiful and elegant women can use Deepak Perwani’s eye catching and sober shawls with dresses. Every women and men appreciate his work that’s why he comes with unique and stylish work. All the winter collection is classy and standard able. He applied very simple embroidery pattern on shawls. In this winter, you can warm yourselves by wearing these marvelous and gorgeous shawls and enhance your personality.

Origin is famous in readymade wear but now in this winter they are presenting winter dresses with shawls. They are introducing very gorgeous and beautiful embroidery and self printed shawls for elegant women. They are trying to present fashionable and stylish shawls. They are using bold color scheme which gives you unique look.
Shariq Textile (Subhata):