Fashion Beauty Tips


Change is liked by everyone. Change in fashion is very pleasant for everyone especially for women. They adopt it with happiness and joy. If we see in past, only queens and princess adopt fashion. They were worn heavy jewelry, lahanga and khusa. Their servants could not adopt fashion. But with the passage of time, fashion has become essential. Now you can see everyone adopts fashion. Now elite class even middle class women adopt fashion as per their standard. Trendy and stylish dresses always inspired by women. It is not important what have you worn, important is that are you adopt fashion in limits of ethics?
So you belong to middle class or elite class, Pakistani women like to wear simple but stylish dressing. Mostly they like shalwar and kameez with dupata. They give it a unique and trendy look. Many types of shirts have presented by designers. They introduced long and short shirts. In wedding and party ceremony many women wear shalwar and kameez with embroidery and laces work. For causal use they wear printed and light embroidery shalwar and kameez.
Many of us buy unstitch shalwar and kameez and stitch them according to their choice. Many wear designer shalwar kameez such like Maria. B, Asim Jofa, HSY, Deepak Pawani and many more are presenting newish and stylish shalwar kameez collection every year. Shalwar and kameez with dupata looks traditional. Many brands are available for this traditional dressing.
Kurti Ka,la:

It is new brand which is presenting shirts (kameez) in different colors and styles. It is newly raised Eastern wear brand which is giving little bit touch of Western wear also. Kurti Ka,la matches culture, art and fashion in their shirts.

Shalwar kameez is most favorable among conservative to modern ladies. Now kurti styles are getting fame in Asia especially in Pakistan and India, designers are giving exemplary cuts, gorgeous designs and flawless embroidery. Shariq textile uses charming and bright colors with light tone texture, embroidery and thread work.

Khaadi is well known brand among women. They like to buy its collection in every season. It presents ethnic designs with modern touch. Its color combination is unique and incomparable to other brands. Khaadi introduced the magazines of unstitch clothes and give ideas in that magazines. These outlets are available its all shops.
Shalwar kameez can stitch or buy in many styles; open shirt, A-Line shirt, long shirt, short shirt, and many more. Simple shalwar kameez also have very large variety. If you wear traditional dress you will feel like that you are safer than Western dresses. It is natural, Pakistani society give respect those women who are simple and wear traditional but simple dress as compare to those who wear Western dress. Shalwar and kameez with dupata give you elegant and gorgeous look.