Wedding day is the big and important day for every bridal. Bridal is incomplete without jewelry. They wear antique designs of jewelry. In Pakistan, wedding is incomplete without jewelry. Many bridals prefer to wear traditional and culture base jewelry. In ancient, bridals were wearing no lakha haar with heavy weight earrings and jhommar. Few years ago, this trend was changed and girls liked to wear light jewelry. But this year, no lakaha haar trend has come back. Easy and light weight jewelry is always liked by girls so they changed the style of no lakha haar. Now, it looks very elegant and beautiful.

Many new exclusive designs came in to market. Women liked to wear exclusive designs jewelry. With no lakha haar there were many other jewelry sets which were famous and more demanded among girls on wedding day. These jewelry sets were goloband haar, handmade mala and Mughal jewelry designs. Now in this modern era, girls are more creative and talented. They made jewelry sets according to their choice from jewelry maker. Gold made jewelry with precious stones have no comparison.
Few years ago the no lakha haar were very heavy and fully made by gold. Those were looking too much heavy and old fashion. But now bridals wear that no lakha haar which is made by gold, precious stones and beads. They have given it the touch of mala. Now they use normal weight earrings and jhomki with no lakha haar. In fact, they have given it traditional and modern touch as well. If we see the history, king and queen as well wear that type of haar. It was showed their status.
This type of jewelry looks very elegant and trendy from all type of wear at wedding day. Now no lakha haar is not only used in wedding ceremony but it is using in fashion shows. Many jewelry making designers are appealing by no lakha haar with gemstones and silver material. Now girls are wearing simple no lakha haar, it looks like mala and have only little bit bead on one side of haar. These haar give you glamour look. No lakha haar inspiration is totally taking from Indian culture. Now designers have given it new style.

On wedding day, bridal’s jewelry is not only important, in fact her dress, hair style, makeup and shoes have such importance as jewelry. If bride concentrates only on jewelry, not other accessories then her jewelry will not prominent. So keep in mind that every part of accessories is vital for beauty.