Fashion Beauty Tips


Everyone wants to look beautiful and stylish. For it, they use all type of products and styles even use that things or styles which can damage their face, body or hair. In this modish era, everyone is crazy about fashion. They can pay any amount for looking glamorous and beautiful. Many men and women have curly hair or little bit curl in their hair. They don’t apply oil on it but they rebound them. It is true after rebounding of hair, you look stylish and eye catching but it damages your hair from roots.

Hair rebounding is a process by which the chemical bonds in your hair are broken, rearranged and bonding back again permanently. In rebounding hair dresser uses different chemicals and bonds your hair straight and sleekly. Many women are looked impress by television actors whose hair looks very shinny and beautiful. But fact is totally opposite to it. If you want to rebound your hair then firstly applied shampoo on hair and wash them with it. Don’t use conditioner it can damage your hair very badly. Then hair dresser applied different creams one by one and use an electronic machine that is called straighter. The straighter heat can damage your hair roots and shinning.

After rebounding, your hair needs more and more care than before. Follow up the instructions of your hair dresser and do it as same as she says. Take precautions and use that shampoo which she says. Apply conditioner after shampoo hair, it will repair your damage hair and make them straight. Eat that food which has vitamin and calcium. You must apply oil on hair. Because after rebounding, your hair needs oil. Proper care cannot damage your hair after rebounding. It can give you stylish and modish look. You can make any hair style according to your face structure.

It is natural fact that before rebounding, your hair has little bit curl but after rebounding, your hair is permanently straight. After rebounding, you can cut off your hair. Before rebounding, I you use any accessory on your hair, it leaves its sign in the shape of curl but after rebounding, you can apply any style and your hair will be straight. After rebounding, all curls remove. So your hair looks long as compare to before. You can rebound your hair at home.
Home based rebounding:

It is true, every women wants to look stylish and sophisticated. Straight hair gives you elegant and sober look. Many women go to saloon for hair straightening. That can damage your hair. Here are some steps which can give you capturing look in any party:
1. Wash your hair with branded shampoo. Don’t apply conditioner after shampoo.
2. Now dry your hair. Leave your hair for naturally drying. But if you are in hurry then use hair dryer but on medium speed.
3. After drying, now divide your hair in many parts. Its parts depend on their strength.
4. Now it’s time to relaxant or conditioner applying. Apply it on all portions of hair and cover them one by one. Don’t leave any strand naked.
5. Now give the time to conditioner or relaxant to work on hair. Leave it on hair for 25 to 30 minutes. If you will give more time, it can damage your hair.
6. After the time up, now steam your hair for 10 minutes only.
7. After completing the steam session now remove overall cream. And dry hair.
8. Now apply keratin lotion on hair and then use iron plate to straight the hair. This iron plate is available in the form of straighter from market.
9. Now apply hair serum on all portions of hair. Take care on all steps of rebounding.