Fashion Beauty Tips


Pink Lips:
With the passage of time, your lips can lose their natural beauty because of carelessness. It can become black. In your childhood, your lips are pink and beautiful but after some time your lips lose its beauty, may be because of lack of Calcium in body. Pink lips are the sign of health. Women use different techniques and products to remove its black color. Some tips are here for your black color lips:
• You should use your tooth brush for removing your lips black color and finish the dead cells of lips. Then apply Vaseline or jelly on it. Apply jelly on lips daily.
• Drink seven or eight glass of water daily.
• Save your lips from sun shine.
• Use concealer before applying lip stick.
• For best result, firstly make line around lips with lip liner and then apply lip stick on it.
• Use almond oil and honey mixture on lips on daily bases.
• Mix rose water in milk and apply on lips.
Fresh and glowing face with pinkish lips is attractive for everyone. There are many reasons of black lips:
• Carelessness
• Low quality lipstick
• Side effect of medicine
• Smoking
• Heart disease
• Dust

White Teeth:
Teeth are the vital part of our face. Teeth can increase and decrease your face value, teeth enhance your personality. If teeth are white, beautiful and shinny then your smile will be charming. If your teeth are dirty then your face will be look dim. Teeth safety is necessary. Don’t use too many hot or cold things. Don’t sleep without brush the teeth. Your tooth paste should be in natural color. Use only your tooth brush not others. You should go to dentist for teeth treatment two times in a year. Electrical tooth brush is more effective as compare to manual tooth brush. Baking soda is a best source for white and shinning lips. Sparkling white teeth is everyone’s dream and it can prominent you among others. You can get rid of it but not spending too much money. Here are some tips that can be from your kitchen:
• Use salt and baking soda on teeth.
• Honey and alive oil mixture is best for teeth bleeding.
• Lemon is best for white teeth.
• Brush your teeth twice a day.
• If you eat sweets in food and snack, limit their use.
• Drink milk on daily bases.
• Mustard oil and salt mixture is best for teeth.
• You should take a banana peel and rub it on your teeth and see result.
With proper care your teeth can healthy and white throughout your life. A charming smile make you confident, self esteem, and attractive. Many fruits are used for teeth whiting. Tea and coffee can make reason of your yellow and charmless teeth. If you have pain in your teeth then eat sour fruits just like lemon, your pain will be removed.