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Nishat Linen is a famous brand of Pakistan. It is peak of all brands in 2014. After Al-Karam clothes, Nishat Linen is most wanted among women. Its unique designes, colors chemistry, reasonable price make it different from other brands. In this season, Nishat introduced two new branded catalogs; Nishat Linen Winter/Fall Collection 2014-15 and Fall Dress Catalog 2014-15. Nishat is introducing khaddar, linen and sateen in market. It has many innovative ideas and introducing itself in International market.
In winter season, Nishat has brought sober, beautiful, inspiring and colorful collection for women. These dresses are warm, beautifully designed and sophisticated for women. Its collection; khaddi, karandi, cotton, linen and sateen dresses designe enhance your personality, and give you a sober and beautiful look. It offers causal wear. Its color combination is very unique. All age women can wear it. Nishat has launched evening drama, pretty in pret and grapic grace designes for fashion and uniquness lovers.
Now Nishat Linen is introducing embrodery dresses. Its color scheme is matched to all ages. Nishat always introduces elegant dresses with modern and chic style. It has different prints like check, lining, and antiques. It has geomatric as well as floral designes. Now Pakistan is progressing in textile fashion industry. People of Pakistan are more conscious than ever. Now Nishat has launched their party wear dresses also.
Elegant Winter Dresses 2014-15:
Shopping is a language that speaks to all especially women. Fashion needs time to change but styles are changing with the passage of time. Nishat’s fashion is same but its styles are changing with the time. Nishat is famous for introducing innovative, elegant and trendy designes among elegant women.