Fashion Beauty Tips


When winter comes, many things change. In winter season with New Year occasion, people feel very cool and amazing, they change many styles. With the passage of time, fashion industry changed with it many nail color art designs presented by different people. In every fashion show you look different stylish and trendy designs by different models and designers. When we talk about nail art designs many seem just like graphic, jewel tone shade, different shades of grey and stylish prints. The most popular designs of nail are half moon, three shades color, and almond shapes.
Two main colors are focused in 2015 majorly these are dark and moody like shades of grey and deep red. It is necessary; women select those colors which are little bit in their dress. Grey and dark red are those colors which can apply on all color dresses. Now the trend has changed. Glittered nail color has gone and simple tone colors have come. It is not essential that nail color should be matched your skin color. Nail color shows our mood and creativity.
It is said that nail art color is new fashion. It is not true. It is very old concept among people; they apply henna on their nails. But now nail color represents your class and living standard. Two or three years ago when nail art design colors common and famous among women. Now it has fashion that every girl applies nail color especially teenage girls. Nail color should not always shinny but it can also be textured base and plan. If you are applying nail color first time, you will feel hesitation. Many use print base nail colors, it is easy to apply.
But many are creative so they want to make different designs. If you want to apply different colors combination, you should apply glamorous and trendy colors. Now many new colors have come. There are endless possibilities when you enter in color World. Once you have decided the color scheme now you apply it in different shapes. Color World is very broad. Many designs are complicated but if you apply nail color step by step, it will look you easy. If you don’t have mood of creativity then leave it. You can create design in a cool mood not in panic mood. Practice makes man perfect.
Firstly you should clean your nail with nail color remover because there can be oil on nails. Then apply nail color but light color. Now cut the motif on paper which you want to apply on nails. Wait a minute and leave nail color for drying. After dryness now put paper on nail and which motif you have cut fill it with dark color nail color. Now your stylish and trendy nail art design is ready. It will look very beautiful. You can apply same texture as your dress design.