Men Cornor


When we talk about fashion, we think about women. But now men are also more conscious about their fashion. They also want to seem beautiful and elegant. They adopt different styles. 2014 was the most trendy and stylish year. Women even men adopt that fashion which is fulfill the requirements of their personality. In 2014; over fashion disappeared. People have much aware about fashion and styles which can make them stylish and beautiful.
Men liked in wearing; loosely tailored blazer, red upper, fringed suede jacket, cartoon prints shirts, blue jeans with blue jeans shirt. Orange color jackets were more common in men wear. Different colored jeans were used in 2014 fashion. With the sport luxury influences, many designers have started trousers in casual wear. Designers have presented printed pents with simple shirts.
Good footwear is a key when it comes to making a strong impression on others. In ancient age, men were worn only black and brown shoes. But now trend has changed. They like to wear different colors of footwear. Now men wear leather shoes in different especially in red color. Many boys wear printed footwear with printed jeans.
When men adopt fashion, they adopt it fully. Hair cut is the most vital part of fashion. Now men are cutting in different styles only for giving themselves a trendy look. Sliked back hair came back in 2014. Business men and job holders adopt this style. Longer layer bring a bad boy attitude to trendy hairstyle. Pompadour style gives your face long look. It was used in 50s. Most famous hairstyle of 2014 is the under layer and sides of hair cropped very close to head.
In ancient age, men were wore wrist watch to see time. But now it has become the fashion that men wear watch only for fashion. Many trendy and expensive watches have come in to market. Some watches have many dials in them. Some most popular brands which are very liked by men are: Timex SL Series, Victorinox Swiss Army, and many more. They spent a large amount on watches.
Perfumes are vital part of your identity. It communicates others about your personality and thinking. People identify you with the smell of perfume. Many perfumes are famous among men in 2014: Nuit Etoilee, Cool Water, Charlie, and many more. 2014 was the year of fashion with new and unique styles. Many new brands came and many brands emerged. Many of variety are available in market. Now men are also aware about fashion.

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