Fashion Beauty Tips


Henna is famous all over the world as it has cultural and traditional beliefs. It is the main need of girls when they start to decor themselves with makeup and makeup is incomplete without mehndi. In ancient age, women apply it on all over hand and they use stick for mehndi but now girls apply very difficult and complicated designs and use cone mehndi. Now girls use glitter with mehndi, it creates uniqueness in mehndi.
All over world women apply mehndi for decorating their hands. Hands with mehndi are looking very elegant and beautiful for all people. Mehndi is applied on hands, neck and feet. Mehndi is vital in wedding ceremony especially for bridal. The henna designs are based on fine designs that look elegant without any extra amount of mehndi. The sophisticated henna looks perfect on hands and feet. Now many applied mehndi with India design along with Arabian touch. It’s look very elegant.
Now Indian mehndi is also using glitter for shinning and gorgeous look. Mehndi is essential for bridal on special occasions like rasm-e-henna and barrat day. Girls apply three designs; Pakistani, Indian, and Arabic designs. Pakistani designs are versatile and beautiful. Every women and girls like to apply mehndi on their hands on different happy occasions; wedding, party, engagement and many.
Pakistani mehndi designs have some similarity to Indian mehndi designs. Some are simple and some are complicated to apply and have big motif. In marriage ceremony, mehndi has its importance. No one can deny its importance. Mehndi is the sign of happiness. Pakistani bridal uses mehndi after marriage for many months.
Now a day Arabic mehndi is also popular among people but it has big motif so it is applied on bridal hands, not causal use. These mehndi designs are much elaborated. Thick lines applied in this mehndi. Its design is complicated, not easy to apply. It has difficult palms. Arabic bridal mehndi designs have many different and creative patterns like flowers, stars, moon, paisley, peacocks, leaves, birds and so on. These are made in the most attractive manner and the pattern is clearly visible. Anyone can easily guess what the exact item is drawn on the hands.
Before applying mehndi design on hands or feet some important things are remember. Here are the ways to apply Henna. You must follow these ways and learn that how to apply mehndi designs on your hands or other body parts:
Check henna on your other body part.
Don’t apply henna on hands directly.
Practice on glass sheets.
Hold the henna cone correctly.
Don’t over lapping.
After dry of mehndi apply oil with cotton on it.
Don’t wash it, remove with fingers.