Fashion Beauty Tips


In this busy life, it is difficult to go to salon for body treatment. When you go to salon a lot of money spent at body treatment but there is no effect. After some days your body looks dim. All the time you cannot go to salon. It is much expensive. So, many women care their body at home by homemade products. It is less expensive and saving of time.
Hands and feet are the visible part of our body. Toy can cover all body, and face but cannot cover hands and feet from others. If your hands and feet are black as compare to your face and other body. It’s mean you need some care. Many people say that feed is the reflection of your mind. If your feet will be clean and beautiful all then type of shoes will look gorgeous in your feet.
White hands and feet attract others and make your positive image. You can adopt many tips for manicure and pedicure at home:
• Wash your hands and feet with good soap and then apply a quality base jelly or Vaseline on them.
• Hot water, shampoo, lemon juice and salt mix and put your hands and feet in it for 10 minutes and do it three times in a week.
• Olive oil’s massage keeps your hands and feet fresh and beautiful. Make it your habit.
• Use that lotion which is full of Vitamins E and C.
• If you have dark spots at your fingers then rub lemon on it daily.
• Milk, rose water and lemon juice is best source of hands and feet care.
• Mix milk cream and lemon and then rub on your hands and feet and see result.
• White egg, honey and lemon juice apply for manicure and pedicure.
People like those person who have fresh and glowing face, feet and hands. You wear a beautiful and expensive dress but your skin is dim then this dress will lose its all charms. So you should have to care your body too. Especially women are more conscious about their beauty. They want to look fresh and beautiful as compare to others. They like admire. They can pay any cost for their beauty.
In this modern age, if trends are changing with its surroundings are also changing very soon. Many cities in Pakistan have too much dust. Dust also becomes the source of dim skin. Much soap is the main reason of black body. If women are busy they spare little bit time for their body care. Always use those products which have good quality. Very low quality products are also available in to market. Some struggle can make you glowing and fresh.