Fashion Beauty Tips


Everyone say Hello to New Year with great expectations. Many more spend their time with their love one. Some will go on party but some will go out for dinner. At that beautiful and unforgettable moment, women need a glamorous and stylish look. They will select their best and favorite dress, matching shoes and jewelry. If all stuff of wearing is trendy and beautiful then makeup is the essential part of women’s preparation for any special occasion. They should give themselves a stylish look. They will want to look stunning and fresh. It is the winter season and your makeup will not melt and spread on face. Some ideas are here for night dinner and special occasion:
1. Foundation and Concealer:
In night, your face should be shinned and glowing because lights dim your face makeup. Use that foundation which is matched to your face color. After applying foundation, use concealer for removing tiredness and dark spots on face. These things; dark spots and tiredness will decrease your beauty. So, apply concealer correctly on that spots.
2. Eyebrow:
Correct the direction of your eyebrows with eyebrow brush. If its color is light then make them dark with black pencil but don’t be over.
3. Eyeliner:
In night, dark eyeliner will give you hot and romantic look. You will be looked stunning. So, use pan cake eyeliner. It is water proof and not spread around the eyes. Apply thick eyeliner with light eyeshade.
4. Eyeshade:
For night party, eyeshade should be lightly covered up with makeup; it will give you gorgeous look. Many apply smoky makeup on eyes with light blush on and lipsticks. It will change your look totally. You will look fresh and glowing.
5. Blush On:
In ancient age, women apply dark red color blush on at their faces. They use that in night functions. But in 2015 trend has changed. Light pink color blush on give you trendy look.
6. Lipstick:
Now give last touch to your makeup and apply lipstick on lips. Lips are prominent on face. For night function, apply light color lipstick. Firstly, apply eyeliner around the lips.
Many women are worried about makeup color which color will give them trendy and fresh look in night. It is very easy. Pink color makeup gives you trendy look. Smoky eyes with peach color lipstick and blush on will change your look. At night function or dinner, wear red and white color dress and wear light jewelry will give you elegant and sober look.