Fashion Beauty Tips


Fatty body is a serious problem of all over the world. Now a day it has become the trend of losing weight. People especially women are crazy to lose their weight. For losing their weight they adopt everything. They use different medicines, exercises and things. These can affect on their health badly. For losing weight, all doctors give their own medicines and suggestions and diet charts. You should create your own diet chart. Food does not have real importance; it comes on second rank in dieting. Firstly you should evaluate your body structure. Then decided which fruit and vegetable is suitable for your health and how much weight age is best for you. You can lose your weight by adopted some ways:
Walk is best for you. Make it your habit, do walk on daily bases. Many people avoid to walk even they don’t go to near market by walk. Laziness can over your weight.
Milky Food:
Milky food is good for your health and it is diet base food. Milk is best for dieting. Porridge with milk is best for health. It is healthy food.
Meat, Fish, Egg and Hen:
Meat, fish, egg and hen are very good for health and even for diet. Boiled egg is healthy but its white portion is used for dieting. Chicken roast uses for dieting. Mostly healthy people eat chicken roast for dieting.
Fruits and Vegetables:
It is a good source of dieting. Boiled vegetable is healthy for health. Sour fruits are too much healthy it can source of overweight.
Make it your habit to drink hot water with mixing of honey early morning. Honey is best way of dieting.
Lemon is a sour. It has ability to lose weight. Regular use of lemon makes you fit and healthy.
Researchers say that these things are necessary for good health. It is important for health that takes some milky food such like butter, cheese and porridge. You should take egg daily. Don’t choose that food which becomes the source of overweight. Your routine work and your daily food have deep relationship with each other. If you eat extra to your energy then it will be the source of fatty body.
Women need two thousands to twenty two thousands energy fats daily and men need twenty two thousands to twenty six thousands energy fats. If you need to lose your weight, you should take 1400 energy fats daily. Many people are fond of food. They like to eat many verities in food. You should keep this habit but avoid salt. If your food will be tasteless then your habit will be finished.
Don’t eat alone, eat food with others. Because of it you will eat little bit. You should eat food slowly and slowly and chewing food. Many are fatty because of disease. They should not use diet food. That can increase your disease. They should consult your doctor according this.