It is natural that women cannot live without jewelry, it depends on choice that they like heavy or light. You can say that jewelry and women are best friends. Women can live without food but jewelry purchasing is essential part of their life. They cannot survive without purchasing jewelry. They think themselves incomplete without jewelry. Without jewelry, women adorn is incomplete. They try their best that they look different to others and they wear unique style jewelry. They want admire to everyone. It is wrong saying that only dress makes personality in fact jewelry is also necessary with clothes.
Jewelry selection should be according to your skin color. It looks awkward if your skin color is black and you are wearing white and gold color jewelry. Jewelry increases the beauty of dress. When you select jewelry, it is necessary that color combination should be matched. Jewelry is best to give last touch of beauty to the dress. It is attached to skin so it is vital to prominent the skin color. It is necessary to wear that color of jewelry which is using must attach to your skin. Little bit mistake can decrease your personality.
If you have little bit dark color complexion then you should choose gold, petal and copper color jewelry. Wooden beats, green color metal, cream color and light pink colors are also best according to your complexion. If you have white color then white color silver and white color gold are best for you. Furthermore gray color complexion can wear diamond or dark green color jewelry. Who have frumentaceous skin color, they can wear all type of jewelry and all colors of jewelry are best for them. They look gorgeous in all colors. Jewelry color selection can enhance your personality.
Now many types of jewelry are available in market. Women are adding beats, metals and stones in jewelry. Your selection makes you elegant and sober. Select jewelry according to your face structure. Jewelry should be according to face shape but not exactly like that structure. Little bit change can improve your personality. Many bridals choose bright color jewelry on wedding ceremony and for after use. They should select it according to their skin color. If your complexion is dark then bright colors will increase your dark complexion.
If you are wearing red and green dress on wedding occasion then it is not necessary that you choose red color in jewelry, you can select green color. It will change your look and decrease your complexion. Some wisely selection can make you beautiful and eye catching.

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