Jewelry is the basic element of women beauty. Women beauty is incomplete without jewelry. Many women select that jewelry which is matched to their dress and shoes. Jewelry is available in gold, silver, metal, gemstone, diamond and many unique and expensive stones. But it is awful that women don’t consider their face structure during purchasing the jewelry. Choosing the jewelry according to face structure is as important as selection of clothing to suit your body. Wrong selection of jewelry changes your personality.
If you have square face structure then you should choose long and round shape jewelry. Jaws, forehead and cheeks have the same widest in shape. If you have fatty neck then use light jewelry. For long neck, heavy jewelry is best. Which have round shape face they should select square shape jewelry? It is also called circular face. it is widest at the cheekbones. Oval face is considered best face. For this face structure, all jewelry is best. Oval shape forehead is as wide as cheekbones. Who have long face they will be looked beautiful in round shape jewelry.
Selection of Earrings:
Women with oval face structure look very beautiful; they look charming in all style earrings. They can enhance their beauty by wearing oval shape dangling earrings. They are also looking charming and adorable when they wear teardrop earrings. All designs of earrings looks like that they use perfect symmetry according to their face.
Round face women can look elegant by choosing dangling and teardrop earrings. They should choose thin to medium width of earrings. They should choose long earrings.
Heart shaped face should search out elongated lines and curved. It will balance the face structure. It will prominent eyes, cheekbone and jaw line. They look charming in chandelier earrings.
Square face women need to wear round shape earrings so that their cheekbone and jaw line look soften. The best selection will be hoop earrings. Hoops will show their face smaller.
Pearl earrings are best for narrow face. They give soften look to face. Long dangle earrings add charm look in them.
Choose the right jewelry can elegant you. You can add many metals in jewelry. Now the use of jewelry is common in Asia. Women like bright color metals for jewelry in villages. Choose jewelry which is appropriate the occasion. Many bridal choose jewelry heavy not according to their face. Because of jewelry wrong selection their dress and makeup don’t enhance their beauty. Before selecting jewelry, firstly measure your face and then select jewelry for wedding ceremony.

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