Love and Islam


Love is not forbidden in Islam but in positive sense. We say that Valentine’s Day is the day of love. We express our love, emotions, passion and sincerity that day with others. If we consider Islam then Valentine’s Day has no importance in Islam. It is not Muslim’s event; it is celebrated by all over the World Christians. Our religion doesn’t allow us to forbid the other’s events but it is also not allowed us to celebrate their events with full passion which have negative aspects. But from few years, not Pakistani citizens even all over Muslim countries are celebrating that day with full of passion and everyone prefer to wear red color even tease them who wear that color not for celebrating it. People purchase red roses, heart shape balloons, making cakes and reserve restaurants and hotels for date.
It has become trend that you will see to say lovers that our Religion Islam let us to do love and that day. It is not true. You cannot see in any religion book even in our Prophet (PBUH)’s life that love used in negative sense. But Pakistani Muslim teenagers love to each other and they have proud to do it. Our religion doesn’t allow us to love before marriage. Before marriage, love invites many diseases. We say it our sophisticated country where teenage girls and boys celebrate Valentine’s Day with passion but they forget their Islamic events. On Eid days, they spend the whole day in sleeping. It is the dilemma of our so cold society where love is used in negative ways.

Allah says in our Holy book QURAN PAK, “And among His signs is that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility with then and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts). Verily in that are signs for those who reflect.” In this verse, Allah is telling us about love and mercy but not in negative sense. Many people say that Allah created love and mercy in human being then how we could not show it. If we see its translation then you can understand about love and mercy. It is not before marriage; Allah created such positive impacts in Nikaha that after Nikaha girl and boy get love and mercy for each other. But many of us don’t consider it.
Our Prophet (PBUH) also loved to His wives. But it was not before marriage, it was after marriage. We should get awareness about it. There is not any importance of Valentine’s Day in Islam. Islam doesn’t neglect love; love between spouses, parent-child, sister brother, family members and friends have good and positive sense. Islam appreciates those people who love for the sake of Allah and love to his/ her wife or husband, sister or brother, mother and father and friends.