Health and Tips


It is not necessary that only old age people or uneducated people caught in emotional issues. When again and again, people criticize and degrade you, you feel anger and stress. If you will not express your anger and emotions, you can catch in mental problem. Many are caught in emotional stress because they cannot sleep proper. They get the disease of “Schizophrenia”. It can control in first stage by emotional freedom technique. You can use this technique yourselves:
Tell Negative Emotions
Many avoid telling others especially to their family and friends their negative emotions and angering which you adopt by their talking and behavior, this can cause of emotional stress. You should tell them their anger and emotions. Express your feelings freely.
Clarify your Anger reasons
Clarify others your anger reasons and express it freely. Talk to them who are the source of your anger. Clear all affairs with them and tell them your emotions without any hesitation.
Write down your Pain
Many people have habit to write their emotions and anger. They can easily relief their pain by this method. In this way, you can get rid of pain and others also happy with you.
Speak to yourselves
If you are hurt by anyone and this cause of your emotional stress then speak to yourselves again and again. If you have work load then discuss it with yourselves before mirror. Speaking with you is a good and easy relief of pain.
Repeat your Pain
Repeat your pain before yourselves again and again and get rid of it.
Close Eyes
If you are emotional disturb then close your eyes and think about good things. Free yourselves from any type of stress and tension.
Think Positive
Think about positive affairs. If you have any negative thinking, rub it from your mind and relax your mind and body as well.

Avoid Smoking
Many people start smoking when they feel emotional stress. It is not cure for stress, for few hours you get rid of stress but it is not permanent. Avoid smoking.
Many doctors give you medicine for mental relief. It can cause of many diseases. For few hours, theses medicines give you relaxed sleep but after awake up, you again feel emotional stress.
If you want to relief from emotional stress and physical fitness then use emotional freedom technique. This technique is the best source of free yourselves from pain.