Fashion Beauty Tips


When winter season comes, many skin and hair problems create. In that season, it is difficult to save your skin and hair from dryness. You need more care in this season. Many diseases and problems create due to lack of water. In winter, many people avoid to drink water. That can cause of many problems. You should take care of skin and hair in that season.
Skin Care:
• You can use ice on face. In night, mixture of ice, white flour and olive oil can save your skin of face and hands from dryness. Its daily use can make your skin glowing and fresh.
• Blend gram belly and water. Make its scrub and apply on face, hands, neck and foot. Its daily use makes your skin fresh and charming. Before using ice and olive oil, apply this scrub can save your skin from dryness and dark spots.
• If your eyes are not attractive and look like sleepy then make it habit to drink 5 to 6 glass of water on daily bases. Apply fish or olive oil around the eyes in night, it will remove the dark circles around your eyes and make them fresh.
• Apply the mixture of gram flour, lemon and milk butter on face, hands and neck. It will increase the freshness of face and make it glowing.
• It has trend to apply makeup on face. Try to apply light makeup and use that foundation which is one number extra to your skin color. Buy that face powder which is match to your skin color. It will give you fresh look.
• Many women complain about the shortage of time. So, they avoid applying homemade products. They can buy fruits and vegetables made products from market. Many women avoid putting cucumber on eyes; they can buy cucumber made eye pad from market.
• In winter season the use of almond and Castrol oil make your skin fresh. Apply this mixture on face, hands and feet.
• Now, many fruit flavor veslines have come into market. Apply vesline on hands and feet and cover them for few hours and then dip them in shampoo mixture water and then again apply vesline. It will make your hands and feet fresh.
Hair Care:
• In dry weather, hair looks dry and out dazzle. For hair freshness, apply shampoo and conditioner of different brands. After shampoo apply conditioner and comb their hair and then wash them. It will give fresh and beautiful look to the hair.
• Before washing hair, apply oil on hair then wash them.
• Mixture of yogurt and white egg apply on hair twice in a month; make your hair black and fresh.
• Apply little bit warm oil and cover your hair with plastic cap and after one hour wash hair with shampoo. It will recover the roots of hair.