Fashion Beauty Tips


Many of us who use creams, their face skin and hands skin are white and glowing but their body skin is black or yellow. Some have white and glowing face but their neck is black. It gives your personality bad impact. If you concentrate on your face and hands then you need to spend some time on body. Only face and hands glowing skin is not completed your personality. You need to make some homemade products for body too.
1. Toner

Every day you should use toner on face and neck to remove dust. After removing dust you can apply soap or face wash.
2. Moisturize

Use best moisturize for face and body after or before shower. You can use almond oil or alive oil as a moisturizer. It removes dark spots on skin.
3. Same Family Products

Use same family products; toner, face wash and moisturizer. Same brand products are more effective for skin. Use on body Vaseline coco butter after shower.
4. Hot Water

Avoid to taking bath with hot water. It damages your skin cells and your body looks black and dry.
5. Cleansing Neck, Hands, Foot and Chest

You should be cleansing with good quality cleansing milk lotion to your neck, chest and hands daily. It will get glowing body skin.
6. Low Deodorants Soaps

Avoid using high deodorants soaps on body. Use shower cream it will give you shinning and fresh body with beautiful fragrance.
7. Moisturize Hands and Foots
Moisturize your hands and foots daily in night and apply lotion or jelly especially in winter season.

8. Powder

You should spread powder on the areas of your skin which are touch to other body skin. If your body skin touches other skin again and again it wills dark your skin. So, use powder.
9. Wax
If you have hair on body then removes them with wax and use lotion. Mostly people have black hair on arms that’s why their arms look dark.

10. Milk
Make it habit to drink milk regularly. Milk has many proteins and vitamins. It glows your skin.