Fashion Beauty Tips


Many ladies complain that their eyelashes fell down and they feel imbalanced among people. It is only because of improper mascara. Here are some tips to apply mascara in proper way. You can practice it again and again at home:

Find out mascara:
You should buy that mascara which has good quality and branded. Applying mascara is a difficult task but after some practice, it is little bit easy for you to apply. Choose that mascara which is waterproof. If with mascara on eyes, you weep or rain started, your face will be founded black color from eyes. Your over all makeup will be spread which will give you not good look.

Consider curl lashes:
Don’t curl your lashes too much. It will give you over and boring look. For natural look, use softly mascara. Curl your lashes little bit.
Slowly wiggle the brush & sweep them up:
Now it is time to slowly wiggle the brush on lashes and sweep them up with brush. It will give you elegant look and beautiful eyes.

Use more layers:
You have done sweep up, now again use more layers for eye catching eyes.
Hold the brush horizontal:
Many of us don’t know about the mascara use. They should hold brush in horizontal way. Eyes corner is more necessary to sweep up.

Avoid water:
Many women forget that they have applied mascara and they wash their face. It is more irritating for eyes. During mascara applying, avoid using water.
If your mascara has dried then you can refresh it:
• Water:
Put wand in hot water for few minutes.
• Bottle:

Again put the wand in to the bottle.
Many of us try to remove mascara with water or jelly. Don’t use these things because it goes in to eyes which can cause of eye’s damaging. Coconut oil and baby shampoo is best for removing the mascara. Dip cotton in oil or shampoo and slowly remove mascara. It is also true too much use of mascara have bad effect on eyelashes. So many women after removing mascara apply almond oil on lasher overnight. It has very good effect on lashes growth.