Fashion Beauty Tips


Before any painting, you need to base this thing for perfect painting. As such before makeup, you need to base your face with different products. These products are foundation, base cream, concealer, stick, serum and many more others. If you apply makeup without these things then your skin can damage very badly. Base and foundation save your face from dust and badly effect of makeup use. But many of us don’t know how to apply foundation on face. They don’t use foundation according to their face color. For perfection you need to apply that foundation which is according to your skin color and environment. Here are some procedures to apply foundation:

Cleansing you face before foundation:

Before foundation, it is necessary for healthy skin you wash your face with high quality face wash or you can do cleansing for removing dust from face and hands. In this way, you can save your face from pimples and spots.
Now it time to apply concealer so apply it on pimples, dark spots around the eyes and any spot of face. Use that concealer which is according to skin.
Select foundation according to skin color:

Many women apply white foundation on their dark color skin. It looks very over. They think that foundation will do white their face and they will be glowing. But by this negative impacts come on your face. Apply that foundation which is according to your skin color. Firstly, check the foundation color on your hand then apply it on face.
Use medium foundation:

Many of us apply very thick foundation. You should apply foundation in medium level. Try to apply foundation with high quality cream. It will give you natural look. Your face will be look out of foundation but glowing.
Choose the right tools:
Choose that sponge or brush which is clean. Many women who don’t have sponge or brush, blend foundation with cloth, it can damage your skin and remove the foundation from face.
Apply & blend foundation:
Now it is time to apply foundation because your face is ready for foundation. Put foundation liquid in different places of face and then blend it with sponge or brush. But blend it softly.

Now your face is ready for makeup. Apply makeup with different style and unique colors.
Some things are necessary to keep in mind.
 Your sponge or brush should be clean.
 Foundation should be according to your skin color.
 Before sleeping, rub all makeup with cleanser milk lotion and face wash.
 Don’t apply very thick foundation.