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Smell of mouth and feet becomes the irritation for others and abashment for you. It is researched that the whole body doesn’t create smell, only some parts of body creates smell. In swatting, your body’s some parts get smell that can cause of abashment for you. Especially men’s feet create more smell than women. It is because of shoes. You cannot stay there where they left their socks. Such as if you are talking and smell is coming from your mouth then you cannot talk properly and people will avoid talking to you.
Smell of feet and mouth is cause of irritation for others then think. What was the feeling of those people who has smell in their mouth and feet? You cannot take medicine to get rid of these smells but some homemade treatment, you can do at home:

Mouth smell:
• Drink water in high quantity and toothbrush regularly. When D-Highdrate’s quantity low in your body then it can cause of smell in mouth.
• Lime, orange and sour fruits have vitamin C and vitamin C is the source of freshness o mouth. These fruits cannot create smell in mouth.
• Apple is the best source of get rid of mouth smell. When we cut apple with teeth then beslaver made in mouth that controls smell in mouth. It is the natural that beslaver is the source of mouth cleanness.
• Cinnamon tea makes fresh mouth and breathes. Make it habit that take cinnamon tea one time in a day.
• Mint plant is the best source of get rid of smell. In much toothpaste are available in mint plant flavor. You should use mint plant in food.

Foot smell:
• First of all, take care about the cleanness of foot especially in summer season. You should avoid that your feet should not wet. You should keep them dry and clean. Don’t use only one sock and shoe the whole week. Change it on daily bases. You should put your shoes in open air.
• For removing the smell of feet, it is necessary to use powder or perfume on feet.
• In summer season, use open shoes to get rid of smell of feet.
• Use soap after removing sock and shoes.

Little bit care can save you from abashment and your friends and family members will also spent their time with you.