Fashion Beauty Tips


Homemade face mask can make at home based ingredients. Homemade face masks are cheaper and have no side effect on face. Nothing can enhance your confidence but glowing skin will double your confidence. Fresh skin makes you younger and beautiful, it’s not matter what is your age? In ancient age, women were used homemade products for their beauty. But now, women use market products for glowing skin and it lefts many problems on face. Here are some face masks which are homemade:
Kitchen Ingredients:
In your kitchen, you have many such ingredients that can make your skin glowing and beautiful. It will be less expensive and easy to make.
• Honey, Baking Soda, & Olive Oil’s mixture apply on your face and see result. It is very easy to make and apply.
• Almond Oil and Milk mixture’s mask can glow your skin.
• Cucumber and Lemon juice is best mask for oily and dry skin as well.
• Gram Flour and Milk’s mixture is glow up your face.
• Mixture of Rice powder, Almond Oil and best quality Lotion apply on face as a mask and then see result.
Fruit Masks:
Fruit is best source for healthy and glowing skin. Even if you eat fruit, your skin will be glowed up after some days. Here are some fruit masks for glowing skin:
• Ripe Banana, Honey, and Lemon juice is the best source of glowing skin.
• Apple, Milk, Sugar and Chamomile Oil mixture can give you beautiful skin.
• Papaya, Brown Sugar and Oatmeal mixture is best mask for oily skin.
• Tomato and Gram Flour’s mixture apply on your skin at least two times in a week, it will shine your skin.
• Grape and Honey is best for skin. Make mixture and apply your face.
Yoghurt Masks:
Yoghurt is best in eating and it is best also as a mask to apply on face.
• Just Yoghurt applies on your face and found glowing skin.
• Cucumber and Yoghurt mixture is also best for skin.
• Oats, Honey and Yogurt are best moisture for your skin. It can apply on all types of skin. It removes your dead cells.
• Egg white and Yoghurt mixture can glow up your skin.
• Strawberry and Yoghurt apply on skin and see result.
• Orange and Yoghurt are best for oily and dry skin as well.
Vegetable Masks:
We have many face masks which can glow our skin. Market based products can damage our skin.
• Carrot is full of Vitamin A and good for sensitive skin. Make carrot, milk, and honey and lemon juice mixture and apply on skin. After 15 minutes remove it with cold water.
• Potato mask is best for dry skin. Mixture of potato and milk apply on face. After 10 minutes removed it and found glowing skin.
• Garlic is rich of Vitamin A, C and E. Mixture of corn flour, lemon juice and garlic apply on face and found fresh skin.