Home is those places where everyone feels relax and save themselves from the hardships of these Worlds. It is not important home is how much big or small. Everyone in this World has dream of his own home and want to decorate it according to their wish with unique pieces of marbles, glasses and flowers. But they cannot achieve their wish and cannot make their home stunning and attractive because they are not aware about the home decoration. They have unique material for home decoration but their wrong way of decoration give bad look to home.
Home decoration plays a very vital role in your life; it can change your mood. It should not look like artificial world. Home decoration is reflection of your personality. Home decoration also varies to country to country. In Pakistan, how you can decor your home, here are some ideas which you can adopt:
1. Firstly, you will see that part of home which is demanding to be decorated. Make your budget plan and expenditures. Make a list of things which you are needed in home decoration.
2. In fewer budgets, you should concentrate on rugs and mats. Then see wall paintings which are most essential purchase it.
3. Use light and sober colors in wall painting. According to wall painting choose wall hanging painting. Don’t use bright colors that make the house irritating.
4. If you have very low budget then you can change the places of accessories.
5. Put many flowers and plants of different colors increase the beauty of home.
Here are some room’s decoration ideas:

Living Room:


Living room serves many functions. In many homes, living room uses for family sitting but in many homes it is used for guests. Many more living rooms attaches to TV lounge. Living room should have two sides window that you or guest can see greenery which in the yard. Hang wall hanging painting up the sofa which is big in size. Hang also small paintings. Curtains and carpets color should be same. Make the fireplace as you focal point by opting by an eye catching and sophisticated mental. Use light and bright color scheme.



Bedroom is a very vital part of home where you rest. It should be attractive and restfulness. Use that color scheme which fascinates you. Use white color lights in room. Use dark color bed sheets and sofa cover with the same family color. Side table of bed should not full of accessories. A lamp and picture frame is enough. Put your mirror on the side of bed not in front. At the front put two chairs that are the same as bed. Window is essential without it, bedroom looks sophisticated.



Kitchen is that place where woman spends her most of the time. If it will be not properly decorated then your work will be disturbed. Make sure that all essential things are in your close at hand. Color your kitchen in light tone and use white lights. Oven should be in arranged. Stove should be little far away to tap.

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