Home is not only the source of safety and living life, in fact for intellectual and educated ladies, home is a paradise where they get relief after whole day work. It is the source of relaxation not only for ladies even it is the source of happiness and relaxation for men. It is natural that every women want to decor her home with beautiful and eye catching accessories. Especially house wives want to decor their home with beautiful decoration pieces on wall, floor and side tables because home is their universe.

Mostly women are crazy about their home decoration so they think whole time about its decoration. Kitchen, bed room, lounge, dining room and ground should be according to their choice, and then they get relief. Mostly women focus on eye catching and versatile colored curtains, cousins, floor mats, flowers, furniture and many more. If we see in ancient age, women were use glass and crystal accessories for decorating the home. In this modish era, women like to decor their home even with glass and crystal accessories. The fashion of glass and crystal accessories cannot be finished but it has changed its style.

France and Germany is those countries which are famous in making glass and crystal. They use durable and quality base material in glass and crystal. But now in Pakistan, this industry is progressing. Crystal is more expensive as compare to glass. It has more shine and beauty. Many shops in market are selling only crystal and glass accessories. In these shops, you can buy flowers, plants pot, tray, cups, jewelry box, furniture, table lamp, plates, decoration pieces and many more in crystal and glass. Now people like to have glass made dining table at home. It enhances the beauty of home.
Now in Pakistan, glass and crystal is not only use for decorating home even it is using for glass painting. Many women take its classes to learn how to make decoration pieces with crystal and glass and how to decor their home with them? Through glass painting, you can decor your home window, doors and walls. With these accessory pieces, your home looks very beautiful and admirable. Now in Pakistan, many marriage hotels are using crystal and glass curtains for decorating wedding stage. It enhances the beauty of groom and bridal. With the crystal and glass decoration pieces and accessories, you will see that your home will look very broad and fresh.