If you want to increase the beauty of home, then with cleanness home decoration is also essential. New paint, polished furniture, eye catching curtains, sophisticated and unique decoration pieces and different artificial plants; these all stuff is necessary for home decoration. After putting this stuff on their places, home is not looking stunning then something is missing, it may be wall decoration. Only floor decoration is not important, you should have to concentrate on wall decoration too. You can décor your walls with beautiful wall pieces, pictures and painting. You can choose any other paint color instead of white or half white.
It is true that which home is decorated with beautifully way, it looks sophisticated and like a Heaven. When guests come they feel relief at their home because of its attractive decoration. First of all you should consider wall decoration, after that you choose other stuff according to it. When you are selecting wall decoration pieces or wall paint, consider every family member’s choice.
• You can apply art work on walls to make them beautiful. You can buy some art pieces from market and paste them on wall. Don’t apply only one piece, paste small pieces of art pieces with arrangement. Make your theme same and it should be matched to furniture and door paint color. Take big and small pieces and paste them one by one, not in one line. You can buy paper art, wood art and metal made art from market. Now 3D wall art is much famous.

• Mirror is looked very beautiful on wall and it enhances the beauty of room and wall. By mirror room looks very broad. Fix small bulbs on wall and you can paste some traditional pieces too. You can paste hand fan of wood, handmade mirror and many other stuff of traditional decoration pieces.

• In your kid’s room, you can paste your child’s handmade art. If your child has got any reward in the paper shape then scan it and paste it on fabric and frame it and paste on children room. It will encourage your child and looks very eye catching.

• You should choice that clock which is according to room and wall size. Now many wooden made clocks are available in to market. Clocks are needed in all rooms. it should be according to room decoration.