Shoes are much vital for looking elegant. You are always searched out such shoes which are stylish and trendy and matching to your dresses. Trends change with the time. Shoes trend also change with the passage of time in ancient age, people especially women like to wear sandals or boots. They were mostly lived at home. But now women like to wear high heels open shoes in all occasions; formal or informal. Now very little women live at home. Mostly go to offices and colleges. So they have to wear high heels only become elegant and stylish.
Many styles of high heels have introduced in market. Some are here:
Fabulous Heel:
This one is more trendy and stylish. It has many color schemes and shapes which inspired women towards them. It has side cut and its back has become with leather. Some designers present high heel shoes with some peep toe design and matching them with playing cards.
Chunky Heels:
These high heel shoes are eye catching and totally according to trend. You can buy with diverse design patterns and shades. Chunky heels differed with their elegance and charm, material like suede.
Ankle Straps and Buckles Heels:
These style high heels look very charming and elegant. It has one or more straps, some are opened and some are fixed. In both styles its looking beautiful.
Platforms & Wedges:
These shoes present some creativity and charm with shinning texture and metallic elements. Mostly those women wear these heels that have not good height. These shoes are also available in causal use.
Heels with Sparkling elements, Jewels & Beads:
Some shoes are adorned with jewels and beads. Women buy these heels on wedding or engagement occasions. In casual wear these are not used.
Boots & Booties with Cuts:
Some women search these shoes which are different and stylish. In this order, designers design boots and booties with cuts. It’s looking very elegant and beautiful. These heels are very stylish with the shape of boots and long heels. It is firmly used by office goings ladies.
Boots & Booties with Stiletto Finishes:
These shoes are more luxuries than other shoes. These heels have the same style like boots and booties with cuts but it has no cuts. These can wear with skinny jeans.
Diverse & Creative:
These shoes are including theses like sporty mixes, loafer plus boots interpretation and such incredible forms as combos as stockings.
These are high heels shoes which can wear in both winter and summer seasons. Mostly women wear then in winter. It is full of warm for winter season.

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