Health and Tips


Right selection of food can make you effective machine. You can get a variety of foods from market that can increase your energy and promote your health. But many natural foods are necessary for our body. Allah creates that food for us which is best for our health but human has added many things in it because of it, it has lost its taste and freshness. Vegetables are necessary for health. Many people eat vegetables in the shape of salad and many eat it after boiling. In all over the World, vegetables make for breakfast, lunch and dinner after adding many ingredients that enhance the taste of it.
No single vegetable provides toy nutrients for healthiness you need to eat a plenty of its variety. Vegetables can control your blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart attack, prevent from cancer, and control blood sugar level. Vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, iron and proteins. Some vegetables are listed here for good and fresh health:
Kale is best for our blood, eyes, immune system, heart, skin and many more. It is full of vitamin A, C, K, B6 and calcium. Iron is necessary for good health and kale is full of iron. It protects from cancer. It controls your cholesterol level. Spinach is fulfilling the requirements of vitamin K and lute in. It has a plenty of vitamin C and potassium. It is best for muscles and heart.
Carrots are the best source to decreasing the blood and heart diseases. Its daily use can increase your skin freshness and glowing. It is full of vitamin K and fiber. It has only 30 calories. It is best for eyes. Peas have very much nutrients. It has iron and foliates which is best for health especially for women. It is best for muscles.
Tomato has vitamin A and C. it boosts your immunity, vision and reproductive health. It increases blood if you have not enough blood in body. It is best for skin. Green Bell Pepper is full of vitamins C and many nutrients. Radicchio is full of vitamin K and lute in. It has 20 calories. It is best for health and skin.
Turnip Green has 20 calories. It is traditional food. It is full of nutrients and help to fight against illness. It strong’s bones. It is best for skin and diet. It is full of vitamins K and C, fiber and lute in. Eggplant is rich of antioxidants and nutrients. It protects your brain cells damaging. It has fiber and potassium.
Mostly women like to eat those vegetables which are helpful in weight losing. Those vegetables are these:
• Cucumber
• Raw Green
• Spinach
• Lettuce
• Carrot
Those vegetables can reduce your weight and keep you healthy and fresh. Many people make vegetables soup for dieting. It has positive effects on body and skin as well.