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Hands are the main part of our body. Beautiful hands attract others towards you. Mostly women focus on their face and apply different creams and homemade products but they forget hands. If your face, feet, hands, and nails are looking fresh and charming then your personality will be totally changed.
The dryness of hands is the tremendous discovered trouble amongst the people. The skin of our hands is thin, delicate, and often dry; this is why it is the first to suffer from cold winds, frost, and dry heated air inside our apartments. The most important hand protection from winter elements is as simple as just to wear gloves.
In winter and dry season, hands are needed more care because during the home duties, you use warm and cold water. Therefore, care for hands is too much necessary. Hands have various types like face. Some have dry hand and some have soft hand. Some tips for your hands are here:
• The mixture of sugar and olive oil can remove your skin dead cells and make your hands soft and fresh.
• Olive oil, lemon juice and rose water mixture can fresh your hands. You should use it 3 times in a day.
• Lemon juice, water and sugar mixture can soft your hands.
• Vinegar and water mixture is good for your hands. Wash your hands on daily bases with it.
• Vaseline coco butter is the best lotion for dry hands.
• Use sun block lotion before going to out. It will save your hands from the lights of sun.
• For the softness of hands, apply milk on your hands.
• The mixture of shampoo and water can fresh and soft your hands.
Beautiful hands are the reflection of your personality. Dry and ugly hands become stress for you. Hand is a paragon of nature. It has twenty eight bones along with wrist. Many people when they are speaking, their hands move. Hands also have their language. We use hands in working, speaking, writing and typing. Hands need more care as compare to other parts of body.

Cold weather in weather not only effects on your hands but also affects on your nails. Since winter makes your nails craggy, you should have a plan to make your nails beautiful and healthy.

Moisturize Your Nails:

In the winter season, the nails and cuticles become very dry. To retain their natural moisture, you have to enhance the conditioning process. Before you go for taking a shower, take generous amount of Vaseline or cuticle oil and apply it to your nails. While getting the shower, gently massage it. This will assist the oil or Vaseline to get absorb into nails and cuticles.
Protect Your Nails by Wearing Gloves:
To protect the damaging effects of cold winds, wear comfortable cotton gloves.

Branded Nail Color:

You should use branded nail color. When you remove nail color then moisturize your nails.

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