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Every woman is conscious about their beauty. With it they want long and shinning hair. Women need very struggle for long, healthy and shinning hair, because bad hair can destroy your personality. Uses of fruits and vegetables make your hair shinning and good looking. Some people are worried because of their white hair. They use different colors to do black their hair. That hair colors totally damage your hair. You can become the victim of fallen hair.
If you eat that food which is full of iron and protein, you can save your hair. Regular use of fruits and vegetables can shine your hair. You should try to out of tension. Some tips are here for your silky and fresh hairs:
Carrot Juice:
The juice of carrot is better for your skin, hair, nails, teethes and bones. Carrot has vitamin A, E, C. That is too much healthy.
The water of rice is a good conditioner for your healthy and shinning hair.
Curd, Egg and Oil:
Mixture of curd, egg and oil can make your hair shinny. After one week, you should apply on your hair, it will healthy your hair.
Avoid the stress and depression, otherwise your hair will start falling and becoming white. So you should try to release yourself from stress.
Olive oil can repair all damages of your hair. Before washing your hair you should oil your hair.
Human being has different colors and verities of hair. Some have long hair, some have short hair and some have shoulder cut hair. Different shampoos are damaging your hair. Many women respond your hair that can totally damage the hair roots because of using of different electronic machines and creams. You should check out your hair that is they dry, oily or normal. According to that use shampoo and conditioners. You can save your hair according to its type.

Oily Hair:
To save your oily hair, you should not eat oily and fried food. You should not use too much oil, use barely corn in your food, and eat fresh and normal food. You should drink milk; eat eggs, vegetables and daal.
Dry Hair:
Such women who have dry hair, they should drink eight glass of water. They should eat fish, olive oil, and dry fruits. They should apply oil on daily bases in hair.
Normal Hair:
They should clean their hair on regular bases. They should wash their hair two times in a week. They should use oil before using shampoo. Shampoo should be a good brand. They should use mehndi and egg one time in a month.
Not only women are worried about their hair but men are also. It is natural that men have a little bit hair as compare to women. They are victim of hair fallen very soon. It can also because of disease. Many people take treatment from doctors. Many have white hair because of heritage.

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