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Hair style is the source of beauty and good personality. All over the world give the importance of hair styles. Every country has different traditions about it. Everyone in this world have hair on their head. Our hair increase on daily bases at the rate of 0.5 mm. if we see old era, women and men were very crazy and conscious about the hair styles. But in this era, people are more conscious about it. Now people are trendy and fashionable. They adopt different styles. Hair coloring is a common affair at this time.
Many books are available on hair styles and cutting. Hair cutting and style describes your thinking and personality. If you have worn very pretty dress but your hair style is not unique, you will not look beautiful. Women are prominent in hair styles and cutting but now men are also included in it. Because of it now hair dressers spend their more time in the setting of hair. Many hair styles totally change your look.
Some people have curly hair and some have silky. Some have long hair and some have short hair. Everyone’s hair style and cutting is different from others. Women care their hair too much even now men are also very conscious about their hair. But it is natural that women have much hair on head as compare to men. You should adopt your hair style according to their face structure.

Round Face:

Long bob cut will look best for round face.

Long Face:

Mixture of cutting will look gorgeous on long face. Classic forward layer is best for that face. Diamond cutting is best for this face.

Oval Face:

For this face, all hair cuttings look best.
Hair styles are also adopting according to season. In summer season, people mostly cut their hair short. If it is long then they adopt high pony and chotya style. But in winter season, people try to open their hair and they have long hair.
In 2014, women adopt these styles for their hair: bob cutting, short and spiky, blunt bob, long bob, wavy lob, long layers, straight and sleek. In old time, women oil their hair regularly because of it, their hair were beautiful, long, silky and shinning. But now people are too much busy, they don’t have time to care it. Now women use flowers and beats for decorating their hair.
In beauty salons, they especially give attention to hair style of bridal. They adopt hair style according to dress, jewelry and face look. Many apply high jora, and many apply only chotya. It will be according to your face structure. Many shampoos are available in to market which are damaging your hair. Research has shown that in a day, 130 hairs fell from your head. It is normal. But if much hair fell then it is because of shampoo, stress, medicine reaction and so on. Then you should consult your doctor and take treatment. Some people have dark black hair even some have brown.

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