Fashion Beauty Tips


In ancient age, women did oil their hair and make pony or chotya. At that time, they were liked to have long hair. But with the passage of time, teenage girls started to cut their hair in different styles. People not only like to change their dresses and makeup styles even they like to change their hair styles too. It is true that your hair style give you totally changed look. You can cut them in wavy bob, sleek, long layer, diamond cutting, classic forward layers and short layers. You can give yourself a classy look on New Year occasion.
This is the season of cozy colors and fresh haircuts. On this New Year occasion you will see you totally trendy and stylish but you will see little bit past haircut because some trends are as good as the time passed. There are new styles like braids on the back, many models are also adopted it. Many are impressed by Turkish hair style. Mostly models adopt side swept appearance. Hair styles give you stunning and gorgeous look. Many who are busy they adopt ponytail style which is easy and can become within few minutes.

It is seen that winter season is the season of playing colors in different styles. You can apply ice queen style in any party. In this style your hair color will be white and hair will be straight. Top knot is the bundle of locks wound on the top area of your head. It is best for summer season. Many women who wear hijab they make that style. It is looked very trendy. Many actresses like sophisticated band style for hair. It can apply on all type of hair. Low bun is extremely famous in this season among teenage girls. It is looking very elegant for office going women. It gives you stunning look. It is easy and suitable for all face structures.

Curly hair is looking more gorgeous and trendy. With these hair you don’t need and cutting or style. Curly hair gives very beautiful and stylish look. Many of us have straight hair and they are purming their hairs. Curl is now common in teenage girls. Some are now adopting top of the hair straight and lower of the hair curl. It looks very elegant and stunning. Rough look to the bottom of the hair are now common among teenage girls. Many school going girls adopt it. Now they don’t like to use oil in hair and pony. They like stylish look.