A necklace is an piece of jewelry which is worn around to the neck. Necklaces are frequently formed from a metal jewelry chain. Common features of necklaces include colorful stones (particularly gemstones or jewels), wood (usually carved or polished),art glass, feathers, shells, beads or corals a wide, wide variety of other adornments have also been used.
Necklaces have been an essential part of jewelry since the time of ancient civilization. Necklaces are believed to be as old as 40,000 years, during the Stone Age. The oldest necklaces were made of purely natural materials – before weaving and the invention of thread, durable pieces of animal sinew left over from hunts were tied together and adorned with shells, bones or teeth or colorful skins of human prey animals, bird feathers, corals, carved pieces of wood, colorful seeds or stones or naturally occurring gems, or other beautiful or artful natural elements found nearby.
Gold and other robes were symbols of wealth and status in these societies. Gold certainly is one of those things in human history that has attracted the eye. People see it as something unique and different. In weeding ceremonies, gold necklaces with earrings are necessary. Pakistani bridal is loaded with gold necklace and earrings. It is the culture of many countries. In fact, people estimate about your status on the basis of gold weight age.
Jewelry is now become the vital part of everyday life, no matter expensive it is because it tell the woman inner beauty. Wearing jewelry is the most popular way to decorate to oneself. And necklaces are such kind of personal ornament made from various kinds of gemstones including diamonds, silver, and gold. It is made of every material and has been made to adorn nearly or everybody part.

A necklace is the most beautiful way to beautify your neck. It is a symbol of past and they still are. Since the ancient civilization, wearing necklaces is a long tradition and used as charm for protection. They used necklaces as a sign of their religion or cultural purposes but right now, necklaces are now being used are more than just a fashion accessory to be trendy and fashionable. Now days, there are kind of necklaces you choose from what kind of personality you like best. It is an ornament with big pendants and decent pearl necklaces, lockets, chains.
Necklaces can be fashionable and individual style choices should not be left out in selecting beautiful necklaces; whether necklace shortest necklace at fourteen to sixteen inches long; princess necklace which is eighteen inches long; opera necklace; diamonds and gold necklaces; silver necklaces; and pearl necklaces which is worn for special occasions. But, whatever material the necklace is made from, it is sure to be appreciated by its wearer.

Precious gems like emeralds, ruby, sapphires, topaz, and pearls can also be placed in a necklace setting to give a sense of stylishness to the user. The gemstone can come in all shapes and sizes, ranges and the necklace will give the background it needs to make things even more beautiful.

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